February 24, 2024 - 12:00 am

International Family Drug Support Day

International FDS day first started in 2016 to draw attention to the importance of families affected by alcohol and/or drugs, including the benefits of supporting families. We invite a number of speakers, including family members, and allocate between three and five minutes for each speaker to talk about issues and responses related to the impact of drug use on families.

International Family Drug Support Day is held on 24th February. Events are held on or around this date in most Australian major cities and in the USA, Ireland and Hong Kong.

“Any family anywhere, regardless of background, economic and other circumstances can be affected by drugs. Adopting a compassionate rather than moralistic and punitive approach will help save lives and benefit the whole community.” Tony Trimingham, Founder and CEO of Family Drug Support.

Thank you for raising awareness for the central role of families who remain connected to anyone using alcohol and/or drugs.

The objectives for the International Day are;

  • Continuing to push for productive changes in drug policy based on evidence and reducing harm
  • Reducing stigma and discrimination for families and drug users
  • Promoting Family Drug Support services for families and friends
  • Promoting harm reduction strategies for families and friends
  • Promoting the importance and benefits of supporting families
  • The important role of FDS volunteers in providing family support across Australia
  • Fatal and non-fatal overdoses from drugs including pharmaceuticals
  • Promoting greater support and resources for treatment service

Please keep an eye on this page for 2024 event details.